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General plumbing

What to do if you cut drill or break a water pipe:
Don't panic!
Turn off the stop cock, if you can't find it go out into the street and turn off the mains to the house. If it is a hot water pipe and you have a hot water cylinder then go to the cylinder and find the pipe coming off the top and see if you can find some sort of valve to turn it off. If there isn't one find the cold water feed at the bottom of the cylinder and follow that up to find a valve form the cold water storage. If you have cold water storage in the loft space then get up there quick and again find a valve.

Don't panic
That's the main thing. Don't panic in an emergency, even if there is water going everywhere, yes get towels quick then take a few seconds to think- HOW CAN I ISOLATE THE SUPPLY?

More plumbing solutions

Call me anytime day or night. I will respond late in the evening if you have an emergency.
Emergency problem leaks to annoying small drips under the sink. Most leaks can be fixed pretty quick depending on their severity and accessibility. Plumbing specialist in Kingsbridge South Hams
To be honest some of the older taps are better quality than new ones bought today so a service can sometimes be better than buying new. Just a case of replacing new washers and freeing up the screw down mechanism. If you live in the Brighton area please give me a call for all you plumbing needs.
There are only two types of tap opening mechanisms though:
Screw down - Full turn with the old fashioned washers (these tend to last longer and are easier to maintain). or...
Quarter turn - These utilize ceramic discs (discs need to be changed every 5 years or so) - if you can find a replacement...
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