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Gas leak repair

The main reason for a call out to a gas leak is where SGN - Southern Gas Network has noticed a leak while doing some general maintenance and turned off your gas. SGN will not repair any gas leaks that are 'downstream' from the gas meter - any pipework after your gas meter into your house.

They cap off the meter for your safety and ask you to call out a gas safe registered engineer to get it fixed.

The leak could be outside where the gas pipe from the meter has corroded or there may be a leak inside the house in any of the gas pipes. More often than not it will be a joint visible to the consumer as they may have been knocked.

In all these scenarios the primary step is to

1.Find the leak.

2. Access the pipework to the leak.

3. Fix the leak

4. Test the entire gas pipework to make sure the leak has been fixed and to make sure that there are no other leaks.