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Radiator and boiler system flush

If a central heating system is clogged up with dirt, lime scale and rust it puts extra strain on your boiler to push the water through at a constant pace and has to work harder to get heat into your house. This uses more fuel and decreases the life of your boiler.

The flushing of your radiators and pipe-work is completed over a few days. The first action is to place cleaning fluid in your system and to leave it to do its magic over a few days of normal central heating usage. This starts the cleaning process ready for it to be completely drained and flushed with clean water. I have found the best way is to (sounds a bit drastic but works well) knocking the build-up of rust, lime scale and dirt from the inside of the radiator with a rubber mallet from the outside. This knocks off the debris that the cleaning agent has missed leaving the inside of your radiators like new.

Finally new inhibitor fluid is placed into the central heating system to continue the prevention of rust and lime scale.

Other options can also be utilised for advanced protection like the installation of a MagnaClean water conditioner which will work alongside the inhibitor for better protection.

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