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Practical Plumbing Solutions will also:

Replace stop taps, Installing garden taps, Replace or move radiators, Install baths, toilets, basins and showers

Installing new radiators, Flushing of entire pipe work and radiators, Replace, fix or install hot water cylinders, Install Thermostatic

Radiator valves, Fix guttering, drainpipes and all outside waste pipes.

Practical Plumbing Solutions

Plumbing issues in Brighton?


Don't hesitate to call me even if you are not sure whether I can help or not. I probably can, even if it's referring you to a friend or colleague who is Gas Safe registered.

Plumbing problems

BrightonDo you know what to do if someone pulls off one of your radiators away from the wall and it starts leaking?

Do you know where the stop cock is in your house?

What to do in emergencies ?

Do you need a plumber in Brighton