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What to do if you cut drill or break a water pipe:

Don't panic!

Turn off the stop cock, if you can't find it go out into the street and turn off the mains to the house. If it is a hot water pipe and you have a hot water cylinder then go to the cylinder and find the pipe coming off the top and see if you can find some sort of valve to turn it off. If there isn't one find the cold water feed at the bottom of the cylinder and follow that up to find a valve form the cold water storage. If you have a cold water storage in the loft space then get up there quick and again find a valve.


Don't panic

Install bathroomThat's the main thing. Don't panic in an emergency, even if there is water going everywhere, yes get towels quick then take a few seconds to think- HOW CAN I ISOLATE THE SUPPLY?

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