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Plumbing and central heating work in Brighton and Hove

I live in Brighton and have been an established plumber in Brighton and Hove for over 15 years. Over the last 6 years I I have become Gas Safe and able work on boilers. This includes, installing new combination boilers, servicing, fixing, emergency call outs. Being Gas safe registered (previously called Corgi) means I am always be on the lookout for possible issues on all gas appliances. If i come across a potentially dangerous appliance by law I have to report it.

Central heating, hot water, gas plumbing and general 'wet' plumbing can be straight forward or very challenging- either way I find it rewarding. It's not just fitting the gas appliance and tottering off home, its problem solving, knowing your products, understanding and sticking to regulations. Seeing a difficult issue as a challenge to overcome, not a problem to avoid! Customer satisfaction is my main goal; I want to be referred by you, to your colleagues, friends and family.

I love fixing boilers it is the reason I became Gas safe registered, they are actually quite simple on a breakdown as it can only be one of 12 possibility’s and I have to find out what is working to understand what isn't. The difficult aspect is removing and replacing parts in a small cinfined space full of sharp edges!

Problem solving is one of my specialties and it’s something I am pushing with the SEO work on the internet with this website. If it could be the only work I have I would be a happy bunny……

I do my best to answer your calls, though sometimes it is impossible due to the nature of the job. I therefore do my best to call you within the hour.


Plumbing and central heating in Brighton and Hove

PlumberYou've got to love being a plumber. I always find myself inspecting under floor boards with the rats or have my head stuck in a cupboard for far to long. I'm careful though, too many plumbers have bad backs or dodgy knees. Not me! (fingers crossed). Being gas safe registered is not a glamorous job.

Gas plumbing work in Brighton

Hove PlumberThe job satisfaction I get from being a plumber is second to none. Customers are usually treating themselves to something that will function properly or just look fantastic! Its a joy to see customers faces when they see the final product or are just over the moon that they don't have to wash up ever again!

No central heating and hot water in this country is a major issue. Sometimes I feel quite the super hero, lol.